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C & C Drafting


C&C Drafting provides, professionally drawn and plotted, drawings of your parts assemblies or projects.

Sizes availiable: A-E

We offer:

We provide document storage for drawings which we create for you

  • Proprietary security
  • Low cost replacement

Modification and revision of existing drawings

  • ECO Tracking
  • Revision history

Mission Statement

The customer is always correct. We are to make our client happy. A satisfied customer will return.

The personnel make the business succeed. If a worker is unhappy or disgruntled, he will not provide his best. Our employees are our family. We stand by and care for our families.

Keeping the word is the first rule. This concerns both time and accuracy of performance. We always keep our words.

Our simple mission definition helps us to serve people successfully from 1993.

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